Sound (VSA)

Very Short Answer Type Questions (1 Mark)

1. What is reverberation? [2011 (T-II)] 2. Name the disease that can be caused by UV rays. [2011 (T-II)]

3. If 20 waves are produced per second, what is
the frequency in hertz? [2011 (T-II)]


1. What do you understand by the term wave motion?

2. What do you understand by the term sound energy?

3. What kind of elastic wave is produced when the particles of a medium vibrate at right angles to the direction of sound propagation?

4. What kind of wave is produced when the particles of a medium vibrate in the direction of propagation of sound?

5. The frequency of a sound wave is 32 Hz. What is the time period?

6. A vibrating wire has a time period 0.025 s, calculate the frequency. 7. What is the linear distance between a crest and a trough?

8. The frequency produced by a tuning fork is 41.5 Hz. What is the distance travelled by sound when the tuning fork makes 20 vibrations?

9. What is the amount of sound energy passing per second through unit area known as?

10. If a sound wave travels in air and steel with a speed X m/s and Y m/s respectively, find the ratio of the time taken by the sound waves in air and steel to reach a certain point?

11. Give the relation between wavelenght (λ), velocity (v) and frequency (f).

12. What is the speed of sound in air at 0 °C?

13. How are echoes produced?

14. The frequency of a sound wave in air is 128 Hz. What will be its frequency in water?

15. A girl hears an echo of her own voice from a distant tall building after 2s. What is the distance of the girl from the building? (Given speed of sound in air = 332 m/s)

16. A source wave produces 20 compressions and 20 rarefactions in 0.045 seconds. What will be the frequency of the wave?

17. An elephant can hear a sound of frequency 16 Hz. What is the wavelength of sound in air at this frequency? [Given, speed of sound in air = 320 m/s]

18. A tuning fork produces 1024 oscillations in 4s. What is the frequency of the tuning fork?

19. What do you mean by bass in a musical sound?

20. What kind of waves are used in sonography?

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