HC Verma Video Solutions Chapter 1 Introduction To Physics

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Question 1: Find the dimensions of (a) linear momentum, (b) frequency and (c) pressure.

Question 2: Find the dimensions of (a) angular speed, (b) angular acceleration, (c) torque and (d) moment of inertia

Question 3: Find the dimensions of (a) electric field, (b) magnetic field and (c) magnetic permeability

Question 4: Find the dimensions of (a) electric dipole moment (p) and (b) magnetic dipole moment (M)

Question 5: Find the dimensions of Planck’s constant h from the equation E=hν where E is the energy and ν is the frequency.

Question 6: Find the dimensions of (a) the specific heat capacity c, (b) the coefficient of linear expansion and (c) the gas constant R.

Question 7: Taking force, length and time to be the fundamental quantities, find the dimensions of (a) density, (b) pressure, (c) momentum and (d) energy.

Question 8: Suppose the acceleration due to gravity at a place is 10 m/s2. Find the value in cm/(min)2

Question 9: The average speed of a snail is 0.020 miles/hour and that of a leopard is 70 miles/hour. Convert these speeds in SI units.

Question 10: The height of mercury column in a barometer in a Calcutta laboratory was recorded to be 75 cm. Calculate this pressure in SI and CGS units using the following data: Specific gravity of mercury = 13.6, Density of water= 1000 kg/m3, g=9.8 m/s2 at Calcutta. Pressure=ρgh in usual symbols.

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