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Scope & Excitement of Physics



Have you ever observed the nature and the various spectacular events like formation of rainbow on any rainy day?

Whenever we observe nature keenly, we can easily understand that the various events in nature like blowing of wind, flow of water, motion of planets, formation of rainbow, different forms of energies, the function of human bodies, animals, etc. are happening or taking place according to some basic laws. The systematic study of these laws of nature governing the observed events is called science. For our convenience, clear understanding and systematic study of Science is classified into various branches. Among these branches Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, etc. are ancient branches and Bio-technology, Bio-chemistry, Bio-Physics, Computer science, Space Science, etc. are considered to be modern branches of science and engineering. One of such ancient and reputed branches of this science is physics.


The domain of physics consists of wide variety and large number of natural phenomena. Hence, the scope of physics is very vast and obviously the excitement that one gets from the careful study of physics has got no boundaries. 

Scope of Physics

For example, when we study one of the basic physical quantities called mass, we come across the values ranging from minute masses like mass of an electron to heavy masses like mass of universe (1055 kg). Similarly, in case of other basic quantities like length and time also the range is very wide.

Hence, the scope of physics can be understood easily, only when we can classify the study of physics chiefly into three levels. They are:
(a) Macroscopic level study of physics,
(b) Mesoscopic level study of physics, and
(c) Microscopic level study of physics.

Macroscopic level study of physics: Macroscopic level study of physics mainly includes the study of basic laws of nature and several natural phenomena like gravitational force of attraction between any two bodies in the universe (in mechanics), variation of quantities like pressure, volume, temperature, etc. of gases on their thermal expansion or contraction (in thermodynamics), etc.

Microscopic level study of physics: The microscopic level study of physics deals with constitution and structure of matter at the level of atoms or nuclei. For example, interaction between elementary particles like electrons, protons and other particles , etc.
Mesoscopic level study of physics: The mesoscopic level study of physics deals with the intermediate domain of macroscopic and microscopic, where we study various physical phenomena of atoms in bulk.

So, the edifice of physics is beautiful and one can appreciate the subject as and when one pursues the same seriously.

Excitement of Physics

The study of physics is exciting in many ways as it explains us the reason behind several interesting features like (a) how day and nights are formed? (b) how different climatic conditions are formed in different seasons? (c) how satellite works and helps in using several devices like television, telephones, etc.? (d) how an astronaut travels to celestial space ? (e) how we can convert one form of energy to another ? (f) how different types of forces are governing different types of motion in universe ? etc. It is quite common and simple that every human being on the earth will be interested to know the answers for at least few of the above questions. As physics is the subject which answers them, naturally the study of physics will be exciting.

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