CBSE Class 9

Foundation for higher classes

The CBSE Class 9 is the foundation for higher classes and thus it is very important for students to learn the syllabus thoroughly. For example, if a student takes up science after their board exams, topics like Motion, Newton’s Laws, Work, Energy & Power and waves, etc. are also included in higher classes. So, learning these topics properly from an early stage is very important and crucial. The curriculum and guidelines for CBSE Class 9 are issued by the CBSE board and the NCERT. So, the schools affiliated to the CBSE board follows the NCERT syllabus. Understanding the various concepts and chapters of higher classes will become easier if you have a strong command over the CBSE syllabus for Class 9.

CBSE Class 9 Subjects & Syllabus

The CBSE Board make education accessible for each and every student. CBSE 9th Class can be called as the foundation of higher classes and thus it is important for students to learn and understand the concepts thoroughly.

The CBSE Board designs the syllabus of Class 9 and each and every subject syllabus is structured in such a way that it conveys the subject matter clearly and concisely to students. A well-evaluated syllabus describes each and every topic of textbooks with marking scheme. So, to help you with Class 9 subjects below we have listed the subjects included in the respective academic year.

  • Science
  • Maths

CBSE Class 9 Textbooks Solutions

Class 9 textbook solutions give invaluable help to the students when they are in need of help with their exam preparation and when learning. So to help you with the same, below we have provided the CBSE Class 9 Textbook Solutions for Maths and Science.

CBSE Class 9 Chapter Wise MCQ Questions

CBSE Class 9 Science MCQ Questions will help students to prepare well for the exam.

CBSE study materials for class 9

CBSE study materials for Class 9 will help students to prepare well for the exam. Understand the concepts in an easy and interesting way and finish your studies weeks before the exam so that you have enough time to revise. So to help you with the same, below we have provided the notes for class 9 Maths and Science syllabus.

CBSE Class 9 Science Study Notes

CBSE Class 9 Maths Detailed Notes

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