1. Physical Chemistry (Numerical) by P Bahadur  [ CLICK HERE ]

2. Concepts of Physics (Volume-1) [by H. C. Verma Sir] [CLICK HERE]

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4. Halliday Resnick [CLICK HERE]

5. Organic Chemistry: Himanshu Pandey [ CLICK HERE ]

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7. D C Pandey: Mechanics-2 [CLICK HERE] 

8. Electricity & Magnetism (D C Pandey) [CLICK HERE]

9. Optics & Modern Physics ( D C Pandey) [CLICK HERE]

10. I E Irodov (click here to download)

11. I E Irodov Solution (PDF File) (Click here to download)

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For Physics Lovers: 

  1. Relativity by Einstein

  2. The Holographic Universe

  3. The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking

  4. What is Life ? by Erwin Schrodinger

  5. One Two Three…….Infinity Facts & Speculation of Science

  6. Steve Weinberg- The First Three Minutes- A modern view

  7. Physics For Entertainment

  8. Does God plays Dice With Us

  9. Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman

  10. String Theory


  1. The World’s 200 Hardest BRAIN TEASERS

PHYSICS BOOKS (For higher studies)


    1. Ashoke Sen’s Gravity

    2. 1000 Solved Problems in Classical Mechanics


    1. Mary L. Boas

BIOLOGY: FOR CBSE CLASS 10 (Science Book 1) Kindle Edition

by MANJU KAUSHIK (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

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