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JEE Mains and Advanced

In order to crack IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced), candidates require a strong preparation. The syllabus is vast and if they want to master all the topics candidates should start preparing at least when they are in 11th standard or at least two years in advance. Remember it is not only about preparation but candidates also need to have enough time for revisions. This is an important study exercise as well.

JEE Mains & Advanced (IIT JEE) Study Materials are designed by our highly experienced faculty experts. They have put tremendous efforts and devoted a lot of their energy and time in preparing well-structured study material for IIT JEE covering all the important facts, formulas, and concepts included in your exam syllabus.

JEE Mains & Advanced Subjects

There are three primary science subjects that students have to study and master for JEE. The subjects include Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Usually, Maths and Physics are on the difficult side with tricky and numerical questions while chemistry is easier and mostly consists of direct questions.

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics

JEE Mains & Advanced Syllabus

Preparing as per the syllabus will help students to score better marks in their exams. The syllabus covers the entire course structure.

JEE Main Latest Syllabus

JEE Advanced Latest Syllabus

JEE Main Study Material

These JEE Mains Study Material cover almost all the basic fundamentals of each and every concept helpful for cracking various engineering entrance exams.

The students can boost their preparations by referring to the JEE Main Study Material from the links mentioned below:

JEE Main Chemistry Study Material

JEE Main Physics Study Material

JEE Main Maths Study Material

Concepts & Formula Booklet For IIT JEE

Once you are done with the basic concepts and the important chapters of JEE Physics, do not forget to keep revising the concepts you have gone through previously.

Physics Concepts and Formulae Booklet

Chemistry Concepts and Formula Booklet

Maths Concepts & Formula Booklet

Daily Practice Problems For JEE Mains & Advanced

DPP is popular among students preparing for various entrance examinations. It is because of the fact that it ensures daily practice and proper planning of the concepts covered & discussed on day to day basis. And Here we have come up with DPP Series covering the whole syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Mains & Advanced (IIT JEE)

The book contains questions based on a topic of the chapter-syllabus, ensuring the complete Practice & Assessment of the topic.


  • Micro Level Coverage of each chapter with all types of questions.
  • Along with topical coverage, we will provide revisal DPPs for JEE Main & JEE Advanced with each chapter for thorough revision of the concepts
  • JEE (Main & Advanced) & NEET/AIIMS archive (collection of previous years’ exams questions) with each chapter.
  • Complete solutions for each DPP to help students self analyse their level of preparation for the upcoming examinations.

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Main Physics

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Main Chemistry

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Main Maths

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Advanced Physics

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Advanced Chemistry

Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) For JEE Advanced Maths

Practice Topic Wise Online Tests For Free

Physics Topic-wise Free Tests

Chemistry Topic-wise Free Tests

Maths Topic-wise Free Tests

Practice Chapter Wise Online Tests For Free

It is always easier to do something that you have already done before, than doing it for the first time. It is even easier if you have practiced doing it a lot. This applies in all domains — sports, public speaking, etc. Taking exams is no exception.

This generation is very competitive. if you want to be equal, or outshine, your competitors (the serious JEE aspirants), you also need to practice solving mock tests. You just cannot expect to outshine others if you do not work up to your full potential, whereas your competitors are leaving no stone unturned to excel.

Physics Chapter-wise Free Tests

Chemistry Chapter-wise Free Tests

Maths Chapter-wise Free Tests

Practice Full Length Mock Tests For Free

Full Length Mock Tests For JEE Main

Full Length Mock Tests For JEE Advanced

Previous Years Question Papers

JEE Main Previous Years Question Papers

JEE Advanced Previous Years Question Papers

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