Physics Concepts and Formulae Booklet

Once you are done with the basic concepts and the important chapters of JEE Physics, do not forget to keep revising the concepts you have gone through previously. Remember it is not only about preparation but candidates also need to have enough time for revisions. This is an important study exercise as well.

Very important tip for revising Physics is that make a small note book and write all concepts and formulas chapter wise, this should start from the day 1 itself. If you have not done so, you can use our concepts and formulae booklets for your revisions.

The students can boost their preparations by referring to the JEE Main Study Material from the links mentioned below:


Chapter 1: Units and Measurements

Chapter 2: Motion in a Straight Line

Chapter 3: Motion in a Plane

Chapter 4: Laws of Motion

Chapter 5: Work, Energy, and Power

Chapter 6: Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

Chapter 7: Gravitation

Chapter 8: Mechanical Properties of Solids

Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Chapter 10: Thermal Properties of Matter

Chapter 11: Thermodynamics

Chapter 12: Kinetic Theory

Chapter 13: Oscillations

Chapter 14: Waves


Chapter 1 – Electric Charges and Fields

Chapter 2 – Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Chapter 3 – Current Electricity

Chapter 4 – Moving Charges and Magnetism

Chapter 5 – Magnetism and Matter

Chapter 6 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 7 – Alternating Current

Chapter 8 – Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 9 – Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Chapter 10 – Wave Optics

Chapter 11 – Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Chapter 12 – Atoms

Chapter 13 – Nuclei

Chapter 14 – Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices And Simple Circuits

Chapter 15 – Communication Systems

PowerPoint Presentations (PPTs) for Class 7 to 12

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