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Many students view physics as the most challenging subject. However, in practice, it is a creative subject that allows students to highlight their logical thinking while simultaneously applying a variety of formulas, equations, graphs, and conceptual explanations. Since this is a more advanced branch of science with no clear conclusion, students find it challenging to investigate it.

If students don’t understand one concept in physics, it gets harder for them to understand further topics. It is a subject that calls for a lot of experience and employs a number of approaches to comprehend maps and graphs.

The BIBLE for 11th JEE aspirants, HC Verma makes this subject entertaining. The higher-level problems in HC Verma’s book make it difficult, but it also comprehensively covers the main points of each subject. HC Verma uses various contemporary techniques that encourage students to generate original ideas for potential future applications. By constantly reviewing the chapters, this book can help 11th students overcome their dread of physics and begin to see it as an enjoyable subject.

Here we are providing Short Answer Type Questions Detailed Solution for H C Verma’s Concepts of Physics Book.

Solution of H C Verma Concepts of Physics (Short Answer Type Questions)


  1. Introduction to Physics
  2. Physics and Mathematics
  3. Rest and Motion: Kinematics
  4. The Forces
  5. Newton’s Laws of Motion
  6. Friction
  7. Circular Motion
  8. Work and Energy
  9. Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
  10. Rotational Mechanics
  11. Gravitation
  12. Simple Harmonic Motion
  13. Fluid Mechanics
  14. Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
  15. Wave Motion and Waves on a String
  16. Sound Waves
  17. Light Waves
  18. Geometrical Optics
  19. Optical Instruments
  20. Dispersion and Spectra
  21. Speed of Light
  22. Photometry


  1. Heat and Temperature
  2. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  3. Calorimetry
  4. Laws of Thermodynamics
  5. Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
  6. Heat Transfer
  7. Electric Field and Potential
  8. Gauss’s Law
  9. Capacitors
  10. Electric Current in Conductors
  11. Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  12. Magnetic Field
  13. Magnetic Field due to a Current
  14. Permanent Magnets
  15. Magnetic Properties of Matter
  16. Electromagnetic Induction
  17. Alternating Current
  18. Electromagnetic Waves
  19. Electric Current through Gases
  20. Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality
  21. Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom
  22. X-rays
  23. Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
  24. The Nucleus
  25. The Special Theory of Relativity

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