Solved Questions for Practice (Chemistry for Class 11)

Chemistry is a mind-boggling subject for some students and demystifying complex topics by breaking them down into easy but digestible chunks, step-by-step is what Gurukul’s Solved Questions for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Chapter Wise Free PDF download excels at.

If you’re in a pinch and need a quick refresher of Chemistry concepts in their entirety, chapter-by-chapter in a sequential manner, then the Gurukul’s Solved Questions for CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Chapter Wise Free PDF Download will come in handy. You can download it for free by simply visiting

In most of the CBSE Schools, final Class 11 exams will start from March 2019. Now, students should focus more on practice and revision, rather than studying new topics. These solved Chemistry practice papers are important for practice as well as revision.

Solved Chemistry Questions for practice is available here.

Solved Questions for Practice

Chapter-1PDF Download
Chapter-2PDF Download
PDF Download
Chapter-4PDF Download
Chapter-5PDF Download
PDF Download
Chapter-7PDF Download
Chapter-8PDF Download
Chapter-9PDF Download
Chapter-10PDF Download
Chapter-11PDF Download
Chapter-12PDF Download
Chapter-13PDF Download
Chapter-14PDF Download

Belonging to a near generation, I am of the view that every student has/her own understanding and I believe in molding myself accordingly. Through experience, I have developed an effective teaching style which involves thorough planning and organization of learning materials, challenging assignments, innovative teaching methods and techniques of class room management. I firmly believe in my knowledge that can help students accomplish success. So, reconstruct your chemistry with me.

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