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About Us

sanjeet pic.pngSanjeet Singh (SS Sir)

Director Gurukul for JEE & NEET


About Director

I graduated from Indian Institute of technology (ISM), Dhanbad in 2015. Since then I have been guiding students for their better education. I have a vast experience in teaching physics. I have worked with various reputed coaching institutes (AAKASH & NARAYANA). I have an expertise in both academic and competitive exams like IIT-JEE  (Mains & Advanced) and NEET/AIIMS syllabus.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think”


My belief in systematic and planned preparation has helped numerous students achieve their dreams. Through this platform, I aim to reach out to a large number of students who are willing to seek help for various exams.

At Gurukul, we believe to be in sync with time that is why the teaching formats we offer are best of both the worlds. We prepare the students for their boards as well as the competitive exams according to the school curriculum, so that the students are in harmony with the needs of both the levels in a stress free environment.

About Website

Online Support & Assessment Platform



Faculty Members

Manju pic.png

Manju Kaushik (MK Ma’am)

M.Sc. Chemistry (Punjab University, Chandigarh)


M.Sc. in Chemistry from Punjab University, has an excellent knowledge of chemistry. She has a vast experience in chemistry teaching. She has an expertise in physical, inorganic and organic chemistry.

‘There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”.

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Anugrah Pratap Singh (AP Sir)

IIT(ISM), Dhanbad Alumni


Graduated from IIT Dhanbad, has an excellent knowledge of subject like Maths. He has worked for various reputed institutes. He is very particular about getting the best out of the students who gets distracted by today’s amenities worked as faculty for various institutes.

He has capability to motivate and guide the students for securing good marks in boards and in various competitive exams.

***About our study material***

Now-a-days, with the rising level of competition, a wide range of study material is available from various sources in the form of correspondence or classroom courses, and books by foreign and Indian authors for physics and chemistry. For most students this range of choices creates confusion. They try and get hold of all possible study materials and later feel frustrated and utterly disappointed. The best way to prepare is to select the study material only from a single source. We provide extensive study material best in the country in the form of well printed assignments. While preparing these assignments, we have ensured that the approach is not bookish and the basics are presented in a straight forward manner which is simple to understand.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an environment that inspires students to recognize and explore their own potentials and build up confidence in them. we are destined to orient students into correct path to achieve success. A perfect plan and strategy through proper guidance and channeling is the key to pass these competitive/Board examinations.

With the help of this platform, we intend to make your preparation a little easier. New assignments are being updated regularly. Meanwhile you can leave comments in the comment sections, if you need any particular assignments urgently. We will try to upload them first. Share this website with your friends so that they can also be benefited from these assignments. 



What Our Students Are Saying


Very personalised coaching. The teachers are genuinely concerned and caring and has a very good hold on the subject. All the teachers are dedicated and specialised to train you for NEET/JEE admissions.


Sanjeet sir has a brilliant way of teaching and clears all concepts very efficiently. I would highly recommend this coaching to any science student!


I have seen improvement in my daughter’s performance and her concepts are stronger after joining Physics Gurukul. Thanks


A Very Good experience..
Teachers are helpful and friendly…
I loved it. It even improved my grades.


Very nice place to learn and develop your potential in the field of physics. Sir is very nice, his teaching has been phenomenal. I have been his student and it’s my personal experience which says so. It’ll be wonderful joining physics coaching here.

Sushil Sharma

SUCCESS… just ahead… In gurukul as the director our physics teacher always tells us to fix short goals first then to step next means first to learn nd study basics well than for a higher exams ..all faculty well qualified and tells short tricks to most of the topics to score high and efficient …I suggest to all only one class by director will surely make your mindset towards gurukul ..the best thing is they gives us a opportunity to learn not to cram

Shreya KHarb

Lived up to the expectations or even more I must say.

Gaurika Sangwan

A wonderful place where guidance, support and good quality teaching help in development of interest and understanding….eventually improving the grades.. Sanjeet sir is dedicated, hardworking and constantly inspires the students to work better.

Dr. Neetika lal

As a parent and a Management consultant (Education) myself, I can assure that the quality of education provided by the faculties at Physics Gurukul are par excellence. Mr. Sanjit Singh has been a phenomenal mentor to my ward, with his exceptional knowledge and a fuss free teaching methodology. Apart from it Ms. Manju, the chemistry faculty too has been a wonderful educator. Overall its a very professional and student oriented educational institute.

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