A premier institute for Medical and Non-medical entrance examination in Gurgaon. In a short span of time, since its inception in the year 2017, its students have managed top ranks in competitive exams like JEE Advanced (IIT JEE) and NEET.

Our goal is to create an environment that inspires students to recognize and explore their own potentials and build up confidence in them. we are destined to orient students into correct path to achieve success. A perfect plan and strategy through proper guidance and channeling is the key to pass these competitive/Board examinations.


With the help of this platform, we intend to make your preparation a little easier. New assignments are being updated regularly. Stay Tuned!

Now-a-days, with the rising level of competition, a wide range of study material is available from various sources in the form of correspondence or classroom courses, and books by foreign and Indian authors for physics and chemistry. For most students this range of choices creates confusion. They try and get hold of all possible study materials and later feel frustrated and utterly disappointed. The best way to prepare is to select the study material only from a single source. We provide extensive study material best in the country in the form of well printed assignments. While preparing these assignments, we have ensured that the approach is not bookish and the basics are presented in a straight forward manner which is simple to understand.


We are extremely proud of our core faculties, who are products of IIT’s & other top Institutes and have impeccable track record of mentoring IIT JEE and various entrance examination toppers. Our faculties have a passion for teaching, understanding student psychology and are experts in counselling & motivating students to excel in their academics.

Apart from being IIT’ians having vast experience and knowledge, all our team members are welcoming, good communicators, good listeners and approachable. …..Read more

Here students are trained to achieve excellence in course like IITJEE, NEET, KVPY, OLYMPIADS, NTSE, and other various competitive exams. To learn more about these courses click on the link below.

Why Us ?

CriteriaGurukul For JEE & NEETOther Coaching Institutes
1Quality of teachersBest JEE & NEET faculty in Gurugram. Coaching by IITians, each having coaching experience of over 5 years.Every center has different faculty and each center has different faculty for different batches; so students might end up in a batch taught by average faculty.
2Same faculty for all batches YesNo
3Faculty change mid-session Coaching is owned and run by the teachers. Guarantee of no teacher change. Faculty frequently changes in mid-session.
4Study MaterialLatest Revised Edition Unrevised same old material
5Group sizeSmall group size of around 10 to 15 students in each batch draws individual attention. Huge group size of 50 to 100 students.
6Time Constraints Next chapter starts after thoroughly testing the previous one. Tearing hurry in finishing off the course.

For CBSE (Board) / JEE / NEET

NCERT Solutions – CBSE Sample Papers – Exemplar Problems/ Best Free JEE/NEET Study Materials.

This site contains all the assignments and notes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics.


High Quality Notes/ Assignments for CBSE, Engineering & Medical Entrance Examination for FREE


newNCERT Solutions For Class 12 Uploaded. 

new Physics Handbook (for JEE / NEET)



new Physics for Class 12 (Chapter-wise worksheet with complete solution)

new  Physics for Class 12 [Previous Years Papers with Sample papers] (Fully Solved)




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