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Message to the students

Dear Students,

Most of you tend to take it easy after board examinations of Class X. the summer vacations immediately after Class X are a great opportunity for you all to race ahead of other students in the competitive world of Engineering/Medical Entrance Exam, where less than 3% students get selected every year for the prestigious institutes.

Some of the students get governed completely by the emphasis laid by the teachers of the school in which they are studying. Since, the objective of the teachers in the school rarely is to equip the student with the techniques required to crack any JEE. Class XI does not even have the pressure of board examinations, so most of you tend to take it easy in Class XI.

The teachers and the school environment are often not oriented towards the serious preparation of JEE/NEET and the curriculum of Class XI is extremely important to achieve success in JEE/NEET or any other competitive examinations.

The successful students identify these points early in their Class XI and race ahead of rest of the competition. I suggest that you start as soon as possible.

Sanjeet Singh (IIT, Dhanbad)








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