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HC Verma Book Solution PDF – Concepts of Physics Vol 1 & 2 Free Download

When you start preparing for JEE mains, the one book which is most recommended by the professionals is the “Concepts of Physics Vol 1 & 2” by Prof. HC Verma. It is the most accurate and comprehensive textbook for your preparation of engineering entrance exam.

About the book

The main reason why this book is considered as the Holy Bible for physics preparation is the remarkable way the concepts have been explained. The book has been followed by the engineering aspirants from ages and continues to do so.

Dr. HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics comes in two volumes 1 & 2 which cover all the concepts of higher secondary education of physics and clearly teaches the ABC’s of physics in a very easy to go manner.

The first volumes covers Optics, mechanics, inertia and waves whereas the second volume covers the topics such as thermodynamics, modern physics and electromagnetism.

Concepts of Physics by H.C.  Verma (Vol 1) PDF Download
Concepts of Physics (Vol 2) PDF Download

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I E Irodov Problems in general physics Book with Complete Solution PDF – Free Download

IE Irodov Problems in general physics free pdf is the best book of numerical physics for IIT JEE Advance aspirants. The problem in General Physics by I E Irodov is a comprehensive book for the students pursuing Advance Course in physics.

Many Coaching institutes prefer Irodov Problems in General physics to their Topper students for boosting their performance. There are numerous solved and unsolved exercise is given in Irodov book for understanding the advanced concepts of general physics. The book is essential for students preparing for JEE advance.

I E Irodov book is the toughest book as many students spend most of the time in solving a single problem from this book. I will advise you to don’t solve this book if your concepts are not clear. To clear the basic concepts you should study HC Verma Concepts of physics.


I E Irodov divided Problem in General Physics into 6 sections.

Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics.
Oscillation and Waves.
Optics (Geometrical & Optical).
Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics.
Nuclear Physics.

Download the Book PDF Download
Download solution part 1

Download solution part 2

PDF Download

PDF Download

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