JEE Main Mock Test Series

Online Test Series for JEE Main-2022

We are India’s first platform to provide tests at an affordable cost.

In order to equip the students with the latest methodology of testing and evaluation in competitive examination segment in India Physics Gurukul ( introduces its e-Learning division through its first venture Success Router ( for Online Testing and Assessment.

Gurukul’s Online Chapter Wise and Topic Wise Tests for JEE Main is a very effective test and assessment platform where students experience different type of tests with different level of toughness. It helps students to get comfortable with the actual exam. Our tests will give an essential benefit to students to evaluate and review themselves and will also assist them to improve each section of the JEE Main.

Before taking the actual exam, you need to get comfortable with computers and Computer-Based Tests (CBT). We are ready with the exact interface as the real examination so that you may get ready for the real test. It will help you to understand/practice the online examination process in the best possible manner.

How To Take Online JEE Main Mock Test 2022?

Here is a step by step guide to take the JEE Main mock test on Success Router.

How it works?

  • Register on

  • Go to product page and select product

  • Payment

  • Tests will appear in your account

Now you are ready to take tests. Please feel free to contact on Whatsapp (7065827902) for any query.

Why Should You Take JEE Main Mock Test 2022?

Time Management: Time management is very important for JEE Main exam. Taking mock tests on regular basis will help you manage your time across various section.

Awareness about Exam Pattern: You will be able to understand the type of questions, marking scheme and difficulty level of the questions asked in the exam.

Helps in Revision: Taking online JEE Main mock test helps you to revise all the topics and important formulas.

Help Improve Speed and Accuracy: The online JEE Main mock test series helps in improving the question solving speed with accuracy.

Learning From Mistakes: Make mistakes in JEE Mock Tests, learn from them and strategize properly for the real exam.

Self Confidence: Better performance day by day gives enough motivation and self confidence to perform well in the exams.

Why To Take Chapterwise JEE Main Mock Test 2022?

Chapter wise and Topic wise JEE Main mock test will help you to check your grasp over a particular chapter and topic. Working on your weak areas of syllabus is very important and this practice will help you to score well in the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions on JEE Main Mock Test 2021

Question 1: What is online mock test?

Answer: The online mock test helps you to understand the exam pattern. It gives real-time exam feeling.

Question 2: Can I attempt the JEE Main mock test on mobile?

Answer: Yes, you can attempt these tests either on a laptop, tablet or mobile.

Question 3: Which mock test is best for JEE Main?

Answer: The JEE Main mock test at Success Router are prepared by India’s top expert and teachers. These mock test will help you in cracking the exam with best possible score.

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