NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions

All the schools have NCERT books into their curriculum and no other book is recommended. The first preference for any exam is NCERT books be it your board exams, medical entrance exams or the most prestigious UPSC exams.

We have tried to provide the most suitable and relevant solution to the students which are easy to grasp and understand. The language used is simple English and not a high level one.

Here you can freely download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 , We have listed all the chapters PDF’s.  All the Solutions available here are latest.  There is no Login, nor  Sign Up, neither Redirects, just click the downloading link, you can view your PDF and download accordingly.

Chapter NoChapter NameDownload Link
1Electric Charges and FieldsPDF Download
2Electrostatic Potential and CapacitancePDF Download
3Current ElectricityPDF Download
4Moving Charges and MagnetismPDF Download
5Magnetism And MatterPDF Download
6Electromagnetic InductionPDF Download
7Alternating CurrentPDF Download
8Electromagnetic WavesPDF Download
9Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsPDF Download
10Wave OpticsPDF Download
11Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterPDF Download
12AtomsPDF Download
13NucleiPDF Download
14Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices And Simple CircuitsPDF Download
15Communication SystemsPDF Download

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