Career Guidance

There are a lots of career options After 12, for Science stream – Medical (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Non – Medical (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

Courses for PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology)

  • Dentist – BDS (5 years)
  • Doctor – BHMS, BAMS, MBBS (5.5 years)
  • Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Science – BNYS (5.5 years)
  • Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry – BVSc. AH (5 years)
  • B. Sc. (4 years)
    • Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer, etc.
    • Agriculture, Fishery, Natural Science
    • Botany, Zoology
    • Wild life
    • Life Science, Genetics, etc.
  • Paramedical Courses (4 – 5 years)
    • Nursing
    • Physiotherapy – BPT
    • Pharmacy – B. Pharm.
    • Occupational Therapy – BOT
    • Prosthetic & Orthotics Technology – OT & PT
    • Lab Technology – BMLT
  • The students may also look for the courses like Engineering, Air Hostess, Pilot Training, Management Courses, Teaching, Law – LLB, etc.

Courses for PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

  • Engineering (4 years)
    • Aeronautical
    • Chemical
    • Marine
    • Electronics
    • Computer Science
    • Civil, etc.
  • National Defence Academy – NDA (3 years)
    • Air Force
    • Navy
    • Army
  • B. Tech. Architecture (5 years)
  • Bachelor of Science (3 years)
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Electronics
    • Mathematics
    • Metallurgy, etc.
  • Computer Application Science – BCA (3 years)

The right Career choice

To make a judicious career choice, you must analyze the following facts:

  • You should introspect and analyze yourself in scientific way by you hobbies, interests and aptitude. Sometime assessment tests also helps in measuring the proper interest and personality traits. Results of these tests also act as recommendation for proper career option.
  • Before selecting the career in a particular field, you should see the scope of the field, educational requirement, the colleges offering this course and job opportunities in our country and abroad.
  • Now discus you career interest with your friends, family members and your teachers because they know your strength as well as weakness very well.

Tips to select a proper career

Here are some tips that may help you to get a proper decision on career selection.





Take Decision

Once you have finalized, go for it with full devotion and dedication. Feel your books like god – goddess and worship them. We all have a lots of potential to fulfill our wishes, only a motivational start is required. Never mind, if someone criticize you, your glory of success will change him one day. Whatever you do, be honest.


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