Would the NEET 2019 be difficult?

Level will be at par with 2018 only ! If you have prepared well, then paper will be very easy for sure 🙂

Some tips for your preparation :

(1) Practice from limited and standard books like SL Arora, HC VERMA, etc. Don’t do too many books. Do limited books, and do it more number of times. Become perfect in them.

(2) Be sincere in your efforts.

(3) Focus more on previous year questions of NEET, AIIMS & Other medical entrance examinations.

(4)  Get a good Guru, if you can find ! Guru is the person who knows what should be done and what should not be done. He/she is the best guide.

Self study is definitely most important. But coaching really helps you score more.

Chemistry: NCERT most important. Other than that, for reference, use OP Tandon, Pradeeps, etc.

Bio: Start with NCERT. Then go ahead with previous year questions !

Physics: Start with SL Arora, HC Verma. Then go ahead with previous year Questions directly. Don’t go for any other crap books.

People run after so many modules and crap test series. Instead you should focus on limited material and do it more number of times !! Many questions ask only basic concepts but a good clarity in them.

Practice previous year questions MANY TIMES. Become perfect in them.

Best Wishes

Physics Gurukul (Gurgaon)

(Set up & organised by IITians)

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