Schaum’s outlines – Beginning Chemistry (3rd Edition)

111.JPGThis book is designed to help students do well in their first chemistry course, especially those who have little or no chemistry background. It can be used effectively in a course preparatory to a general college chemistry course as well as in a course in chemistry for liberal arts students. It should also provide additional assistance to students in the first semester of a chemistry course for nurses and others in the allied health fields. It will prove to be of value in a high school chemistry course and in a general chemistry course for majors. The book aims to help the student develop both problem-solving skills and skill in precise reading and interpreting scientific problems and questions. Analogies to everyday life introduce certain types of problems to make the underlying principles less abstract. Many of the problems were devised to clarify particular points often confused by beginning students. To ensure mastery, the book often presents problems in parts, then asks the same question as an entity, to see if the student can do the parts without the aid of the fragmented question. It provides some figures that have proved helpful to a generation of students.

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