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NEET Physics Questions Chapter 4 Magnetic Effects of Current

Q.1. The radius of curvature of the path followed by a charge particle in magnetic field is proportional to
(1) Charge of the particle
(2) Momentum of the particle
(3) Energy of the particle
(4) Magnetic field density

Q.2. A square loop of side a carries a current I. A uniform magnetic field B is along the z-axis. This
loop is placed in magnetic field in four different manners as shown in figures.

Which manner corresponds to stable equilibrium?

(1) a (2) b (3) c (4) d

Q.2. Magnetic field strength due to current carrying long conductor is B at a distance r from the wire. The magnetic field at a distance r/4 from the wire is
(1) 2B (2) 4B (3) 8B (4) 16B

Q.3. A square frame of wire carrying current I is shown in figure. The magnetic field will be

(1) Zero at the centre of square frame
(2) Maximum at the centre of square frame
(3) Zero at all points inside the frame
(4) Zero at all points outside the frame

Q.5. A charged particle is moving in a circular path in a magnetic field region. The time period of
oscillation is independent of
(1) Magnetic field
(2) Charge of the particle
(3) Mass of the particle
(4) Velocity of the particle

Q.6. A charged particle is released from rest in a region of uniform electric and magnetic fields which are parallel to each other. The particle will move in a
(1) Circular path
(2) Helical path
(3) Cycloidal path
(4) Straight line path

Q.7. A vertical wire carrying a current in the upward direction is placed in horizontal magnetic field
directed towards east. The wire will experience the force in the direction of
(1) East (2) West (3) North (4) South

Q.8. A wire of radius R and uniform cross-section in has steady current i is flowing. The variation of the magnetic field as function of distance r from the axis of wire is correctly represented by

Q.9. An uniform magnetic field B and a uniform electric field E act in a region. If a charge particle enters in this region then the charged particle may remain undeflected in the region

Q.10. For the arrangement shown in figure, the magnetic induction at the centre C

Q.11. A thin wire carrying current i is placed along positive z-axis. The unit vector of magnetic field at a point (a, a, 0) is

Q.12. A moving coil galvanometer is converted into ammeter and voltmeter. Select the incorrect
(1) Current sensitivity depends upon number of turn of loops in galvanometer
(2) Voltage sensitivity depends upon number of turn of loops in galvanometer
(3) Resistance of ideal ammeter is zero
(4) Resistance of ideal voltmeter is infinity

Q.13. Two long parallel wires carrying currents I1 and I2 in same direction separated by distance r, exert force F on each other. Now current in one of them is increased to three times. The distance is also increased to four times. The new value of force between them is

(a) 4F/3 (b) 3F/4 (c) 3F/16 (d) 9F/4

Q.14. A circular coil of one turn carrying current produces magnetic field B at the centre of coil. What will the new magnetic field at the centre if this coil is bent into n turns?

(a) nB (b) B/n (c) n2B (d) B/n2

Q.15. A circular loop of radius R carries a current I so that its magnetic moment is M. Now, the loop is changed to a square, keeping other conditions same. Its magnetic moment will become/remain

(a) 4M/π (b) M (c) πM/4 (d) 2M


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