Numerical on Refraction of Light for CBSE Class 10

Q.1. Light travels through water with a speed of 2.25 x 108 m/s. What is the refractive index of water?

Q.2. Light travels from rarer medium 1 to a denser medium 2. The angle of incident and refraction are respectively 450 and 300. Calculate the (i) refractive index of second medium with respect to the first medium and (ii) refractive index of medium 1 with respect to the medium 2.

Q.3. A pond of depth 20 cm is filled with water of refractive index 4/3. Calculate apparent depth of the tank when viewed normally.

Q.4. How much time will light take to cross 2 mm thick glass pane if refractive index of glasses is 3/2?

Q.5. Calculate speed of light in water of refractive index 4/3.

Q.6. A ray of light passes from air to glass (n = 1.5) at an angle of 300. Calculate the angle of refraction.

Q.7. A ray of light is incident on a glass slab at an angle of 450. If refractive index of glass be 1.6, what is the angle of refraction?

Q.8. The refractive index of diamond is 2.47 and that of glass is 1.51. How much faster does light travel in glass than in diamond?

Q.9. The refractive index of glycerine is 1.46. What is the speed of light in air in air if its speed in glycerine is 2.05 x 108 m/s?

Q.10. The refractive index of glass is 1.6 and that of diamond is 2.4. Calculate (i) refractive index of diamond with respect to glass and (ii) refractive index of glass with respect to diamond.

Q.11. A ray of light is travelling from glass to air. The angle of incidence in glass is 300 and angle of refraction in air is 600. What is the refractive index of glass w.r.t air?

Q.12. A ray of light is travelling from air to water. What is the angle of incidence in air, if angle of refraction in water is 450? Take refractive index of water = 1.32

Q.13. A water tank appears to be 4 m deep when viewed from the top. If refractive index of water is 4/3, what is the actual depth of the tank?

Q.14. What is the real depth of a swimming pool when its bottom appears to be raised by 1 m? Given refractive index of water is 4/3.

Q.15. A jar 15 cm long is filled with a transparent liquid. When viewed from the top, its bottom appears to be 12 cm below. What is the refractive index of the liquid?

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