IIT Foundation Mathematics Problems on Probability

Q.1. If two coins are tossed once, what is the probability of getting at least one head ?

Answer Answer: 3/4

Q.2. Two unbiased dice are rolled. Find the probability of getting a multiple of 2 on one die and a multiple of 3 on the other die ?

Answer Answer: 11/36

Q.3. In an examination there are 3 multiple choice questions and each question has 4 choices. If a student randomly selects answer for all the three questions. What is the probability that the student will not answer all the 3 questions correctly ?

Answer Answer: 63/64

Q.4. What is the probability of getting 53 Sundays or 53 Tuesdays or 53 Thursdays in a non–leap year ?

Answer Answer: 3/7

Q.5. An integer is chosen at random from the first two hundred positive integers. What is the probability that the integer chosen is divisible by 6 or 8 ?

Answer Answer: 1/4

Q.6. Find the probability that the three cards drawn from a pack of 52 cards are all black ?

Answer Answer: 2/17

Q.7. Among 15 players, 8 are batsman and 7 are bowlers. Find the probability that a team is chosen of 6 batsman and 5 bowlers ?

Answer Answer: 28/65

Q.8. There are 10 persons who are to be seated around a circular table. Find the probability that two particular persons will always sit together.

Answer Answer: 2/9

Q.9. The letters of the word ‘SOCIETY’ are placed at random in a row. What is the probability that three vowels come together ?

Answer Answer: 1/7

Q.10. An urn contains 3 white and 5 blue balls and a second urn contains 4 white and 4 blue balls. If one ball is drawn from each urn, what is the probability that they will be of the same colour ?

Answer Answer: 1/2

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