Physics Sample Papers for Class 12 Based on Reduced Syllabus

Are you looking to practice Quality Questions From Physics for your upcoming Board Exams?

Do you feel unprepared?

Now that very little time is left for preparations, it is high time for you to start practicing good quality questions.

Therefore, we have introduced an E-BOOK of sample papers for Physics that is strictly based on your reduced syllabus. Now, you can practice Quality Questions from physics. Practicing these sample papers will increase your confidence significantly in the subject for CBSE 2021 board exams.

These sample papers are strictly based on CBSE latest pattern. Case studies and MCQs are also included.


  • 10 Sample Papers Designed on Reduced Syllabus (E-book)
  • Includes Case Studies & MCQs
  • 5 Solved + 5 Unsolved Sample Papers
  • Answers are Provided for Unsolved Sample Papers.
  • Strictly based on CBSE reduced syllabus
  • Sample Paper 2021 issued by CBSE (Solved)
  • Only for ₹ 99/-

You will receive the document in your email after successful payment. Please feel free to contact on Whatsapp (7065827902) for any query.

So, what are you waiting for? Use our platform to get all the study solutions at the best price.

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