Assertion and Reason Questions on Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 2 Solutions

Directions: These questions consist of two statements, each printed as Assertion and Reason. While answering these questions, you are required to choose any one of the following four responses.
(a) If both Assertion and Reason are correct and the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion.
(b) If both Assertion and Reason are correct but Reason is not a correct explanation of the Assertion.
(c) If the Assertion is correct but Reason is incorrect.
(d) If both the Assertion and Reason are incorrect.

Q.1. Assertion : Molarity of a solution in liquid state changes with temperature.
Reason : The volume of a solution changes with change in temperature.

Answer a

Q.2. Assertion : If a liquid solute more volatile than the solvent is added to the solvent, the vapour pressure of the solution may increase i.e., ps > po.
Reason : In the presence of a more volatile liquid solute, only the solute will form the vapours and solvent will not.

Answer (c) Both the solute and solvent will form the vapours but vapour phase will become richer in the more volatile component.

Q.3. Assertion : If one component of a solution obeys Raoult’s law over a certain range of composition, the other component will not obey Henry’s law in that range.
Reason : Raoult’s law is a special case of Henry’s law.

Answer b

Q.4. Assertion : Azeotropic mixtures are formed only by non-ideal solutions and they may have boiling points either greater than both the components or less than both the components.
Reason : The composition of the vapour phase is same as that of the liquid phase of an azeotropic mixture.

Answer b

Q.5. Assertion : When methyl alcohol is added to water, boiling point of water increases.
Reason : When a volatile solute is added to a volatile solvent elevation in boiling point is observed.

Answer d

Q.6. Assertion : When NaCl is added to water a depression in freezing point is observed.
Reason : The lowering of vapour pressure of a solution causes depression in the freezing point.

Answer a

Q.7. Assertion : When a solution is separated from the pure solvent by a semi- permeable membrane, the solvent molecules pass through it from pure solvent side to the solution side
Reason : Diffusion of solvent occurs from a region of high concentration solution to a region of low concentration solution.

Answer b

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