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Case Study Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

There is Case Study Questions in class 12 Chemistry in session 2020-21. For the first time, the board has introduced the case study questions in the board exam. The first two questions in the board exam question paper will be based on Case Study and Assertion & Reason. The first question will have 5 MCQs out of which students will have to attempt any 4 questions. The second question will carry 5 Assertion & Reason type questions with the choice to attempt any four. Here are the questions based on case study.

Case Study Question 1:

Read the passage given below and answer the following questions:

A tertiary alcohol H upon acid catalysed dehydration gives a product I. Ozonolysis of I leads to compounds J and K. Compound J upon reaction with KOH gives benzyl alcohol and a compound L, whereas K on reaction with KOH gives only M.

The following questions are multiple choice questions. Choose the most appropriate answer:

(i) Compound H is formed by the reaction of


The structure of the compound I is

(ii) The structure of compound J, K and L, respectively, are
(a) PhCOCH3, PhCH2COCH3 and PhCH2COOK+ 
(b) PhCHO, PhCH2CHO and PhCOOK+
(c) PhCOCH3, PhCH2CHO and CH3COOK+
(d) PhCHO, PhCOCH3 and PhCOOK+

(iii) When (J) is treated with acetic anhydride, in the presence of corresponding salt of an acid, the product obtained is
(a) cinnamic acid
(b) crotonic acid
(c) maleic acid
(d) benzylic acid

(iv) Which of the following statements is correct for compound (K)?
(a) It reacts with alkaline KMnO4 followed by acidic hydrolysis and forms benzoic acid.
(b) It reacts with iodine and NaOH to form triiodomethane.
(c) It is prepared by the reaction of benzenewith benzoyl chloride in presence of anhydrous aluminium chloride.
(d) It reacts with freshly prepared ammoniacal silver nitrate solution.


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