Integer Type Questions of Chapter Solid State for JEE Chemistry

Integer Type Questions Based On Chapter Solid State

The answer to each of the following question is a single digit-integer ranging from 0 to 9. Fill in the correct digit.

Q.1. Silver (atomic weight = 108 g mol-l) has a density of 10.5 g cm3. The number of silver atoms on a surface of area 10-12 m² can be expressed in scientific notation as y x 10x. The value of x is __________.

Answer Answer: 7

Q.2. In NaCl structure, Cl ions have ccp arrangement and Nations occupy all the octahedral sites. The total number of Nat and Cl ions per unit cell is ___________

Answer Answer: 8

Q.3. A metal ‘X’ crytallizes in a unit cell in which the radius of atom (r) is related to edge of unit cell(a) as r = 0.3535 a. The total number of atoms present per unit cell is ____________

Answer Answer: 4

Q.4. The radius ratio of an ionic solid r. r_ is 0.524. The coordination number of this type of structure is ___________

Answer Answer: 6

Q.5. Atoms of element N form hep arrangement and those of element M occupy 2/3rd of tetrahedral voids. The total number of M and N per formula unit is ____________

Answer Answer: 7

Q.6. In hexagonal close packing, the difference in the number of tetrahedral and octahedral voids per unit cell is ___________

Answer Answer: 6

Q.7. The ratio of coordination number of each sphere in ccp and hcp in three dimensions is ___________

Answer Answer: 1

Q.8. A compound is formed by two elements X and Y. The element Y form ccp and atoms of X occupy 1/3 of tetrahedral voids. If the formula of the compound is Xa and Yb, then value of a + b is ____________

Answer Answer: 5

Q.9. A cubic unit cell has one atom on each corner and one atom on each body diagonal. The number of atoms in the unit cell is ____________

Answer Answer: 5

Q.10. The number of hexagonal faces that are present in a truncated octahedron is ____________

Answer Answer: 8

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