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TEST YOUR SKILLS (Management of Natural Resources)


Q1. The forest is located in a place where villages and tribals are dependent on it. Industrialist is the stakeholder of the forest who is cutting down the trees for profits. What could be the harmful effect of this on forest, local people and environment.

Q2. People of locality A has constructed tanks, wells, khadims and people in locality B has made lakes, ponds to conserve water.What is the best way of conserving the water. Which locality will face water related problems and why?

Q3. Who should be the best stakeholders of a forest. Explain.

Q4. Mention any five changes that you can easily bring to contribute for the conservation of natural resources.

Q5. The emission of CO2 is increasing the threat of global warming. Suggest any four ways how one can check the carbon foot prints.

Q6. List two traditional system of water harvesting.

Q7. Why is wildlife important to us?

Q8. Define ‘biodiversity’.

Q9. Name the main constituents of coal and petroleum.

Q10. Name two gases responsible for global warming.

Q11. For the conservation of forest, who can be a stakeholders?

Q12. How does mining cause pollution?

Q13. Suggest any four ways in your lifestyle to become environment-friendly.

Q14. Explain what is meant by 3 R’s and how would you implement it?


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