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Tips on how to use the study-material effectively

Tips on how to use the study-material effectively

Read the following lines carefully to understand how you can derive the maximum benefit out of our study-material available for JEE.

(Don’t just read them! Follow them sincerely, and you should have an excellent chance of succeeding at the JEE).

1) Give a general reading to the study-material before coming to the class for this topic. This will ensure that you have at least an overview of what is being taught in the class and you can follow the classroom discussion in a more effective manner.

2) After the class, go through this material again, this time in detail, observing all the fine points, working out the examples on your own, completing the exercises sincerely, and pondering over the subject matter. This will complement what you have studied in the class. Particularly about the exercises, if you cannot solve any particular problem, don’t just give up and ask us (your teachers) for the solution! Keep trying and you are sure to hit upon the solution sooner or later.

3) After going through the study-material in the detailed fashion described above, reread your classroom notes and solve on your own all the problems discussed in the class. This will ensure your complete mastery over the topic.

4) From an examination point of view, take self-tests at home on this topic so that you actually get the feel on how to solve questions on this particular topic in an exam-like situation. This will additionally help in building your examination temperament.

5) Prepare for the monthly tests seriously, as you would prepare for an actual exam.

6) Every few days, pick up this study-material and go through it again, so that the topic remains strong and fresh in your memory, and you are always exam-ready in relation to this topic.

7) Lastly, and very importantly, try to frame new questions on your own (and also solve them!), by modifying the questions discussed in this study-material. Have discussions with your friends on these ‘new’ questions. This will really help in expanding your mind’s horizons and give you hours of intellectual pleasure.



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