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How to Make Notes for CBSE 12 Board Exams???

☞ Are you going to appear in the CBSE 12 Board Exams Next Year?

➽ There is a great role of making notes to secure good marks in 12 board examination.

Do you know that how to prepare notes for class 12 board exams? If you answer is no, then read the complete article to know about the tricks for making notes.

Students face difficulty when they start making notes at first time. Common problems faced by the students are like choosing correct languages for notes, shortening the content etc. This type of problems is faced by every student while making notes. Do you know why this all happened with you, it’s only because the lack of practice for preparing notes.

Identify Important Topics 

For preparing short notes, first thing you need to note down is important topics from all the subject.

For finding out important topic, you must have to read the NCERT books completely or solving previous year question papers is another way to find out the important topics.

Write Down in Shortest Form

When you get important topics for all the subjects, then note down these topics in a note book in short form. To write in short you can use the important definitions of the topics, writing important steps of derivations etc.

Use Tables & Diagrams

Having Tables and Diagrams will be playing a great role in your CBSE 12 Board Notes. People asserts that a person can memorize anything quickly with the help of diagram.

Use Bullet Points in Notes

Writing in points is best way to keep your note readable. Bullet points helps to know about the purpose of a topic in a very easy manner. It helps to meat with the actual mean of your written content.

Write Down Formulas in a Sheet

I hope that you are well known with the fact that all the formulas are important to master in a subject like physics.

It is often seen that students don’t prepare the short notes of the important formulas while preparing for the exam and in last when they start revisions they tend to face difficulty for remembering the formulas.

In such kind of situations, it becomes necessary to make a sheet of important formulas for the exam preparation.

For memorizing the formulas, you must have to make a list of them to revise on a daily basis and you can review these formulas in last few hours before the examination.

So, these are the common points that you should remember while making short notes. I hope that the article is helpful for preparing CBSE 12 Board Examination.

Best of luck for your future.


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