Questions on Magnetism (Class 12 Physics)


  1. A charged particle moving in a perpendicular uniform magnetic field penetrates a layer of lead and thereby loses half of its kinetic energy. How will the radius of curvature of its path changes.
  2. The energy of a charged particle moving in a uniform magnetic field does not change, why ?
  3. State property of material of the wire used for the suspension of the coil in a moving cell galvanometer.
  4. Can you accelerate a neutron by cyclotron ?
  5. What is the radial magnetic field ?
  6. Does the magnetic field exert a force on a static charge ?
  7. What is the shape of magnetic field lines when current is straight or circular ?
  8. Why does a solenoid tend to contract when a current passes through it ?
  9. Which one has lowest resistance: ammeter, voltmeter and galvanometer ?
  10. Name some magnetic and non-magnetic substances.


  1. r ∝ √E , radius is reduced to 1/ √ 2 times
  2. Force is perpendicular to the direction of motion.
  3. It should have low torsional constant, high tensile strength, low temperature coefficient of resistance. It should be a non magnetic substance and a good conductor of electricity.
  4. No
  5. Where the plane of the coil always lies in the direction of magnetic field.
  6. No
  7. Circular, when current is straight;
    Straight, when current is circular.
  8. Due to mutual attraction between the coil turns.
  9. Ammeter
  10. Magnetic substance: iron, cobalt, nickel, steel, etc.
    Non-magnetic substances: brass, paper, wood, etc.

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