Writing a Perfect Answer!

Give every Question your best shot and write the PERFECT ANSWER everytime!!

Imagine you are seated in the exam hall, waiting to get your hands on that much anticipated piece of paper- THE EXAMINATION PAPER!!

You are loaded with a ton of information in your brain. Your finger tips are numb and your face blank! It is the time to get down to serious business!

Student should write the data/information as given in the question carefully.

  • Student should write the concept/formula which is applicable in the given question.
  • If the question asked is related to a particular law/phenomena, then the student should write the name of that law/phenomena carefully.

Check the nature of the question –

If the question is based on a Theoretical Concept :

  • After writing all the details given in the question, the student should be able to identify the concept applicable in the question
  • The student should then explain all the required points as asked in given question

If the question is based on a Numerical :

  • Using the required Formula, the student should insert the particular data/values which are given/assumed
  • Then the numerical can be solved to get the final answer

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