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Term 2 Sample Papers for Class 12 Physics

Here we are providing term 2 sample papers for class 12 physics. This paper is prepared according to the latest sample paper prescribed by CBSE for term 2 exams. Practicing sample papers before exams students get to know their shortcomings and while working on them, they will thereby improve their performance. Moreover, during exam time, students will feel more confident. 

General Instructions :
(i) There are 12 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) This question paper has three sections: Section A, Section B and Section C.
(iii) Section A contains three questions of two marks each, Section B contains eight questions of three marks each,
Section C contains one case study-based question of five marks.
(iv) There is no overall choice. However, an internal choice has been provided in one question of two marks and two questions of three marks. You have to attempt only one of the choices in such questions.
(v) You may use log tables if necessary but use of calculator is not allowed.

Sample Paper-1

Students can practice this sample paper to score better marks in final exams.

Sample Paper-1 (Solution)

Best of Luck!

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