Conceptual Questions Based on Class 11 Physics Circular Motion

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Conceptual Questions Based on Class 11 Physics Circular Motion

Here we are providing conceptual questions for Class 11 Physics Circular Motion. Answers are also provided along with questions. So that students can read and understand the question. These questions are prepared by the subject experts. Students can read these conceptual questions based on Circular Motion for better topic clarity and therefore will be able to score better marks in their exam.

Conceptual Questions Based on Class 11 Physics Circular Motion

Conceptual questions based on class Circular Motion is given below. Go through each and every question to understand the topic clearly.

Q.1. The velocity of a particle is constant in magnitude but not in direction. What is the nature of trajectory?

Solution. The particle moves on a curved path. The instantaneous direction will be tangential to the path at every point.

Q.2. A stone tied to the end of a string is whirled in a circle. If the string breaks, the stone flies away tangentially. Why?

Solution. The instantaneous velocity of the stone going around the circular path is always along tangent to the circle. When the string breaks, the centripetal force ceases. Due to inertia, the stone continues its motion along tangent to the circular path.

Q.3. What is the angle between velocity vector and acceleration vector in uniform circular motion?

Solution. 90°.

Q.4. If both the speed and radius of the circular path of a body are doubled, how will the centripetal acceleration change?

Solution. Original centripetal acceleration, a = v2/r

New centripetal acceleration, a’ = 2v2/2r= 2v2/r =2a.

Q.5. When a knife is sharpened with the help of a rotating grinding stone, the spark always travels tangentially to it. Why?

Solution. When a knife is sharpened, the red hot particles of the grinding stone get separated as sparks. As these particles are in circular motion, hence their velocities are directed tangentially to the grinding stone.

Q.6. For uniform circular motion, does the direction of centripetal acceleration depend upon the sense of rotation?

Solution. The direction of centripetal acceleration does not depend on the clockwise or anticlockwise sense of rotation of the body. It always acts along the radius towards the centre of the circle.

Q.7. Read each statement below carefully and state, with reasons, if it is true or false:

(a)   The net acceleration of a particle in circular motion is always along the radius of the circle towards the centre.

(b)   The velocity vector of a particle at a point is always along the tangent to the path of the particle at that point.

(c)   The acceleration vector of a particle in uniform circular motion averaged over one cycle is a null vector.

Ans. (a) False. The net acceleration of a particle in circular motion is towards the centre only if its speed is constant.

(b) True. A particle released at any point of its path will always move along the tangent to the path at that point.

(c) True. For any two diametrically opposite points on the circumference, the acceleration vectors are equal and opposite. Hence the acceleration vector averaged over one complete cycle is a null vector.

Conceptual Questions Based on Class 11 Physics

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