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Case Study Questions for Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 9 Psychology and Sports

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Case Study Questions for Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 9 Psychology and Sports

[PDF] Download Case Study Questions for Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 9 Psychology and Sports

Physical Education plays a significant role in imparting knowledge about body motion and methods to enhance flexibility, subsequently benefiting an individual’s mental and physical capabilities.

Here you will find case study based questions for class 12 physical education Chapter 9 Psychology and Sports.

Psychology and Sports Case Study Questions

Case Study Question 1:

Nupur is an individual who is very competitive in all she does. She is impatient to achieve success and works on multiple projects at the same time. She often pushes herself to the breaking point to achieve her goals. She is told by her coach that she has a specific type of personality.
(a) What type of personality do these traits classify Nupur into?
(b) How many types of other personalities do people exhibit as per this classification?
(c) What can be the health challenges people with such personalities face?

Ans. (a) Based on her personality traits, Nupur has Type A personality.
(b) This classification puts people into four types, namely A, B, C and D.
(c) Insecurity and pushing oneself to the breaking point are indicators of this personality and lead to ill health, anxiety and nervous breakdown as well as chronic fatigue.

Case Study Question 2:

Bhupinder is the star bowler for his school cricket team. For the last six matches, however, he has not been able to take even a single wicket. This has caused him stress and he approaches his coach for a solution.
(a) What sort of motivation will the coach offer?
(b) How will the coach help Bhupinder improve his focus?
(c) What activities will the coach suggest for Bhupinder to de-stress?

Ans. (a) Bhupinder will get extrinsic motivation-praise, grades, money, etc., and support from his coach.
(b) The coach will review his performance, point out his weak points while showing full faith in Bhupinder’s capacity to return to form after adequate rest and will pay attention to his nutrition and hydration. The coach will also explain the role of warming up and cooling down to get optimum results.
(c) Taking a few days off, getting adequate rest and rehabilitative exercises, if needed, will be suggested by the coach. He will also be advised to spend time with friends and family and focus on gradual supervised return to activity. Playing some other game as a form of relaxation is also a good suggestion the coach will make.

Case Study Question 3:

Success depends on how motivated one is and the efforts they are willing to put in to get to their goals. Many times, however, in spite of sincere efforts, one needs support from outside to succeed. The theory of self-reliance has wide support among personality trainers.
(a) What are the two types of motivation as per theory of self-reliance?
(b) Trying to do well with our own thought process is what type of motivation?
(c) Do outside forces play any role in motivating us?

Ans. (a) The two types of motivation as per the self-reliance theory are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.
(b) This is called intrinsic motivation and comes from within a person. There is no external pressure to perform in this type of motivation.
(c) Yes, outside forces are important motivators. These are called extrinsic motivation and most of us need them in our day-to-day life. Aiming for rewards and prizes is an example when outside forces encourage us to do better.

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Important Points About Case-Based Questions in Physical Education Class 12:

  • Case-based questions hold a weightage of around 15 to 20% in the 2022-23 examination cycle.
  • These questions revolve around everyday life scenarios and require thorough reading of the provided passage.
  • They cover various units prescribed by CBSE for Physical Education, demanding complete knowledge of the syllabus.
  • When approached with the right mindset, case-based questions can be the highest scoring part of the examination.
  • CBSE plans to increase the weightage of such questions in the future.

Key Instructions for Preparing for Case-Based Questions:

  • It is crucial for students to read the passage in-depth before attempting the questions.
  • Students must prepare well for these questions as they demand complete knowledge of the various concepts in the syllabus.
  • These questions are centered around everyday life, making them relevant to students’ understanding of the subject matter.
  • CBSE intends to further increase the weightage of such questions in the upcoming years.
  • Proper preparation for case-based questions can significantly impact a student’s performance in the Physical Education board exam.

Case Study Question Format for Physical Education

In the CBSE board examinations for class 12, the questions pertaining to Physical Education have historically come in two distinct types: objective and subjective.

However, the latest circular issued by CBSE for the 2022-23 academic session has introduced a significant change. CBSE has explicitly indicated that competency-based questions, including case studies, will be distinct from subjective questions. It’s now highly likely that CBSE will exclusively present objective questions in the CBSE class 12 Physical Education case study section.

Types of CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Case Study Questions:

  • Historically, CBSE class 12 Physical Education exams have featured two types of questions: objective and subjective.
  • Objective questions typically involve selecting the correct answer from multiple options.
  • Subjective questions require students to provide detailed, written responses.
  • However, recent changes suggest that CBSE may now focus primarily on objective questions in the case study section.

Benefits of Studying Physical Education:

  • Physical Education education provides insights into body motion and techniques to enhance flexibility.
  • Improved flexibility contributes to enhanced mental and physical abilities.
  • This subject empowers individuals to lead healthier lives through informed choices.
  • It fosters an understanding of the importance of physical well-being.

Preparation Tips for Class 12 Physical Education Case Study Questions

To excel in class 12 Physical Education board exams, it’s essential for students to prepare thoroughly for case-based questions. Here are some straightforward tips to tackle them effectively:

  1. Carefully read the given text.
  2. Understand the situation and pay attention to the question.
  3. Analyze before crafting your response.
  4. Practice extensively.
  5. Keep your answers concise and on-topic.

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