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CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 10 Light MCQ Assignment


1. Focal length of plane mirror is
(a) at infinity          (b) zero
(c) negative             (d) none of these

2. Image formed by plane mirror is
(a) real and erect             (b) real an inverted
(c) virtual and erect        (d) virtual and inverted

3. A concave mirror gives, real, inverted and same size image if the object is placed
(a) at F                 (b) at infinity
(c) at C                 (d) beyond C

4. Power of a lens is –40, its focal length is
(a) 4 m                     (b) – 40 cm
(c) – 0.25 m             (d) – 25 m.

5. A concave mirror gives virtual, erect and enlarged image if the object is placed:
(a) at infinity                      (b) between F and C
(c) between P and F          (d) at F.

6. The mirror that always gives virtual and erect image of the object but image of smaller size than the size of the object is
(a) Plane mirror           (b) Concave mirror
(c) Convex mirror        (d) none of these

7. All the distances in case of spherical mirror are measured in relation to
(a) object to image               (b) the pole of the mirror
(c) the focus of the mirror (d) the image to the object.

8. The radius of curvature and focal length of a concave mirror are
(a) positive                     (b) negative
(c) both                           (d) none of these

9. The object distance in both concave as well as convex mirror is
(a) negative                     (b) positive
(c) zero                             (d) none of these

10. The ratio of the speed of light in vacuum to that in a medium is known as
(a) magnification             (b) refraction
(c) refractive index          (d) Snell’s law

11. In optics an object which has higher refractive index is called
(a) optically rarer             (b) optically denser
(c) optical density             (d) refractive index

12. The optical phenomena, twinkling of stars, is due to
(a) atmospheric reflection          (b) total reflection
(c) atmospheric refraction          (d) total refraction

13. Convex lens focus a real, point sized image at focus, the object is placed
(a) at focus                 (b) between F and 2f
(c) at infinity             (d) at 2f

14. The unit of power of lens is
(a) metre              (b) centimeter
(c) diopter            (d) m–1

15. The radius of curvature of a mirror is 20 cm the focal length is
(a) 20 cm               (b) 10 cm
(c) 40 cm               (d) 5 cm

16. The refractive indices of some media are given below:


In which of these is the speed of light minimum and maximum, respectively.
(a) X-minimum, W-maximum               (b) Z-minimum, W-maximum
(c) W-minimum, X-maximum               (d) X-minimum, Z-maximum

17. The power of a lens is + 1.6 D. The nature of lens is
(a) Convex lens                            (b) Concave lens
(c) both concave an convex      (d) none of these

18. An incident ray makes 60° angle with the surface of the plane mirror, the angle of its refraction is
(a) 60°                (b) 90°
(c) 30°                (d) 0°

19. The angle of reflection in the given figure is


(a) 90°            (b) 180°
(c) 0°               (d) 30°

20. A mirror that has very wide field view is
(a) concave            (b) convex
(c) plane                 (d) none of these

21. If the object is placed at focus of a concave mirror, the image is formed at
(a) infinity                             (b) focus
(c) centre of curvature        (d) between F and O.


1. (a)        2. (c)          3. (c)         4. (c)         5. (c)        6. (c)      7. (b)      8. (b)      9. (a)     

10. (c) 11. (b)    12. (c)       13. (c)      14. (c)      15. (b)    16. (c)    17. (a)     18. (c) 

19. (c)    20. (b) 21. (a)

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